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Now accepting new patients for August

Testing and Evaluations

We test for :



Ever wonder why certain feelings or behaviors keep showing up? With comprehensive neuropsychological testing, you'll not only gain understanding of how your brain processes information, but also insight to any underlying causes as to why it works the way it does. 


Autism, ADHD, mood disorders (anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder), learning disabilities (dyslexia, mathematics, written expression, and dysgraphia), personality disorders, language disorders, late effects of childhood cancer, tumors or other neurological disorders, and cognitive effects of medical and genetic disorders such as epilepsy, neurofibromatosis, PANDAS, Down Syndrome, Fragile X, Turner, Williams, and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.


We also provide Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs)

An Evaluation May Help You Qualify For - 


School Related Services, ABA Therapy, IEP and 504 Plans, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and more.

Rest better knowing what's going on inside your brain


9555 Lebanon Rd. Ste. 902

Frisco, TX 75035


(844) 270-4023

Now accepting new patients for June

Now accepting new patients for June

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